Strolling Magic – The Magic Happens In Your Hands!

Magicians Strolling with your guestsMagicians performing Strolling Magic and mingling with your guests in restaurants, cocktail parties and private gatherings is a relatively new style of magic having only developed over the last 50 years. Since then Strolling Magicians have taken the world by storm. It appeals to all ages, all races, and all cultures and defies all language barriers, and Magic Unlimited has the very best Strolling Magicians in all of Australia!

Strolling Magic brings people from all social standings together on an equal footing as they share in the wonder of a miracle taking place right under their noses. Most people have seen magic on TV, or maybe in a Las Vegas casino, but when they see it take place in their own hands they talk about the experience for months, even years later.

The Ideal Ice Breaker

It’s the ideal ice-breaker and perfect party starter, and Magic Unlimited offers you only the very best in Australian magical talent. We guarantee your guests will be raving about their experiences at your event and you’ll be eager to have us back again and again.

All of our magicians are fully professional, highly ethical, and most are members of ‘The Australian Institute of Magic’.


What you need to know

Strolling MagiciansOne Strolling Magician can usually entertain 100 people in an hour. For large groups you might like to consider two or more magicians mingling with your guests so that nobody misses out.

Prices range from $350 to $1200 an hour (with the second or third hour usually much cheaper than the first). Prices are based on a combination of the experience, ability and popularity of each individual magician. If you’re working with a budget, it may be best to call us first so we can advise the most appropriate performer.

Feel free to explore our website or call now for an obligation-free consultation. (03) 9486 4445.


Who do we offer?

Victorian based performers

Strolling Magicians - Tim Ellis   Strolling Magicians - Al Cappuccino       Strolling Magicians - Anthony DeMasi   Strolling Magicians - Nicholas J Johnson        Strolling Magicians - Katzkin   Strolling Magicians - Tim Credible    Strolling Magicians - Mat Unwin   Strolling Magicians - Brendan Croft      Strolling Magicians - Nick Kesidis   Strolling Magicians - Peter Gray   Strolling Magicians - Christof

New South Wales based performers

    Strolling Magicians - Phoenix

Queensland based performers

Strolling Magicians - Brad Manuel    Strolling Magicians - Tony Laffan

Where is the best place for Strolling Magicians?

Company Dinners – Trade Shows – Anniversaries – Weddings – Christmas Parties – Training Seminars – Awards Banquets – Christenings – Festivals & Theatres – Birthdays of all ages – Private Functions – Celebrations of every kind


Things to consider before booking Strolling Magicians

AFFILIATION: “Is the performer affiliated with a respected industry body?”

‘The Australian Institute of Magic’ is the only magic industry body in Australia set up to resolve any disputes between performers and clients. Thankfully, due to their extremely high standards of ethics, this service still remains unused.

INSURANCE: “Does the performer have Public Liability insurance?”

All of our magicians have Public Liability cover to the value of $20 million. In the unlikely event of any mishap, you can be assured you will be looked after professionally and efficiently.

SAFE: “Does the performer have a Working With Children check and use 100% clean material?”

All of our performers have current Working with Children’s checks and present shows which can be performed in front of any audience without offending a single person.

VIDEO: “Can you take photos and videos of the show?”

Photos are generally fine, as long as the photographer doesn’t block the view of any audience members. However videotaping the show often constitutes a breach of copyright and will require the permission of the performer in advance. Make sure that you discuss this with the performer, before you make the booking.

AWARDS: “Are they legitimate?”

Some unethical Australian Magicians have decided to make up awards to encourage people to book them. Titles like ‘Magician of the Year’ are fictitious. All awards listed by our magicians are 100% legitimate and well deserved.

REFERENCES: “What do previous clients think?”

All of our performers have a vast collection of comments satisfied customers. Feel free to ask them for more, and you can add your own in the comments section of each performers listing as well!

SPECIAL REQUESTS: “Can they feature our special guest in the show?”

All of the performers are happy to adapt their shows to suit your needs. They can change the length, create special tricks, add features like making your CEO appear, incorporating a product or message, adding an illusion or dancers, and even performing close up magic before or after the show. Whatever your request, no matter how odd, feel free to ask. It may cost extra, but you’re guaranteed to get exactly what you want.

PAYMENTS & GUARANTEES: “The best way to pay?”

When you book your entertainer through Magic Unlimited you will usually need to pay a small deposit to guarantee your booking. This can be made by direct deposit, cheque or credit card via PayPal. This guarantees the performer you selected (we don’t substitute performers) will attend your event. We also guarantee customer satisfaction. At Magic Unlimited our reputation is our most valuable asset, and that’s based on 30 years of extremely satisfied customers.

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