TRAVEL: How far do you travel?

Magic Unlimited’s performers travel all over Australia and throughout the world. Up to 90 mins from their base is free of charge.

AFFILIATION: Are the performers affiliated with a respected industry body?

The Australian Institute of Magic’ is the only magic industry body in Australia set up to resolve any disputes between performers and clients. Thankfully, due to their extremely high standards of ethics, this service still remains unused.

INSURANCE: Do the performers have Public Liability insurance?

All of our magicians have Public Liability cover to the value of $20 million. In the unlikely event of any mishap, you can be assured you will be looked after professionally and efficiently.

BOOKINGS: How far in advance do I need to book?

Bookings can be made up to a year in advance. Some dates are more popular than others, especially around Christmas time. The earlier you can book the more chance you have of getting your preferred performer on a specific date. However, even if your event is tonight, it’s still worth a phone call!

RESERVATIONS: I’m 90% sure I can book you…

You are more than welcome to “reserve” a date at no charge. When another enquiry for that date comes through you will be contacted and given the first option to book.

SAFE: Do the performers use 100% clean material?

All of our performers have shows which can be performed in front of any audience without offending a single person. Some clients prefer their comedy to be a little more “risque”. It’s always best to discuss this with the performer before making the booking.

LENGTH: How long is the average performance?

Strolling Magicians are booked by the hour, with one magician able to get around to 100 people in 60 minutes. Stage Shows or Comedy Magic Shows are usually 30 minutes, though some event organisers prefer 45 and others only want 20 minutes.

CONTENT: What sort of tricks do you do?

Every magician is different, with unique personalities and different specialities. If there is a certain type of magic you’d prefer, be it card tricks, levitations, or magic with animals, it’s probably best you call and let us suggest the perfect performer for you. (03) 9486 4445.

VIDEO: Can I take photos and videos of the show?

Photos are generally fine, as long as the photographer doesn’t block the view of any audience members. However videotaping the show often constitutes a breach of copyright and will require the permission of the performer in advance. Make sure that you discuss this with the performer, before you make the booking.

MEETINGS: Can we meet with the performer before the show or see them perform before we book?”]Generally most booking details can be taken care of over the phone and via an exchange of emails. In some situations a “site inspection” or a meeting with the client may be appropriate. The performer will know if it’s necessary or not. More than one meeting will incur an extra charge. If you’d like to see the performer in action, make sure you have a lot of lead time before your event as most of our shows are at private functions and permission will need to be arranged before you can attend.

AWARDS: Are they legitimate?

Sadly, some Australian Magicians have decided to make up awards to encourage people to book them. Titles like ‘Magician of the Year’ are fictitious. All of the magicians used by Magic Unlimited operate with the highest of ethical standards and their awards are all genuine and well deserved.

REFERENCES: What do previous clients say?

All of our performers have a vast collection of comments satisfied customers. Feel free to ask them for more, and you can add your own in the comments section of each performers listing as well!

SPECIAL REQUESTS: Can you feature our special guest in the show?

All of the performers are happy to adapt their shows to suit your needs. They can change the length, create special tricks, add features like making your CEO appear, incorporating a product or message, adding an illusion or dancers, and even performing close up magic before or after the show. Whatever your request, no matter how odd, feel free to ask. It may cost extra, but you’re guaranteed to get exactly what you want.

PAYMENTS & GUARANTEES: What’s the best way to pay?

When you book your entertainer through Magic Unlimited you will usually need to pay a small deposit to guarantee your booking. This can be made by direct deposit, cheque or credit card via PayPal. This guarantees the performer you selected (we don’t substitute performers) will attend your event. We also guarantee customer satisfaction. At Magic Unlimited our reputation is our most valuable asset, and that’s based on over 25 years of extremely satisfied customers.

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